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Sitting in front of the computer

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    Could sitting in front of a computer for an extended amount of time increase your risk of getting cancer?

    What about sleeping in the same room as a computer that's always on?

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    There is no direct link to cancer. At least it is not known.

    But computers do radiate, and they do interfere with the background electromagnetic field, etc. And they do simply heat the room, and waste your free air in the room. There might be also a noise... I wouldn't recommend sleeping with PC...

    BTW. The most direct danger from PC might be to worsen your vision. There might be also an indirect action - to worsen your immunity as a whole due to the unhealthy lifestile. So, have to go out from time to time!
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    What about flat-screen LCDs? I heard they're better for your eyes than the old bubble-screen CRTs. Can anyone verify this?

    Also, I sleep with my PC on sometimes, but its fan is pretty quiet. It almost lulls me to sleep. :tongue: The only downside is the bright green power light in the back that illuminated the room.
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    Generally, the effect on vision is usually just eyestrain. If you make an effort to look up and change your focus to other things every so often, you'll lessen that problem.

    As for the "indirect action" you mentioned, that sure does seem to be the greater risk. If someone spends so much time sitting in front of a computer that they aren't getting up and being active and getting exercise, especially if they also have the soda/junk food next to them, the unhealthy lifestyle of eating too much and exercising too little is more problematic.
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    The reason that I asked this question is because I like to keep my computer on all the time, but I live in a dorm room. So putting it in another room is not an option.

    I do enough exercise and I eat pretty well, so as long as there are no risks of developing cancers, I think I'm ok.

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    Blood clots are a problem. People sit for hours without moving, sometimes they develop clots in their femoral arteries. They get up to go to the bathroom, and the clot gets dislodged, travels to the heart, causes a heart attack.

    A friend of mine died from it.
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    ...and how many hours are you talking about?
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    I dunno what science has to say about it but when i switched to LCD... oh my god the difference was night and day when it came to strain on my eyes. About 4 hours on a CRT made my eyes hurt and now i can go as long as I want!
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    i think i might get that excersise machine back from my uncle now...
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