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Sitting my lcd on top of a green mat

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    One of those green one inch thick garden knee pads is what i am talking about.

    If I sit my lcd monitor on one of these mats do you think it would be more stable?

    If you put a hard lcd base on a hard wood table I imagine it will not sit perfectly because of imperfections in the perfect flatness of my tabe and lcd.
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    I don't know about you, but I'd pay millions of dollars for this, in 9 easy installments of $19.95!
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    nice ad
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    That's not an ad that is the first result that came up.

    You can check my ip. I doubt they have a branch in my city and country.
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    some kind of neoprene material should work fine. but stuff like that usually has rubber feet on the bottom, anyway.

    edit: oh, and while i'm thinking about it, that first thing you had up looked too thick and soft. anything that wasn't very heavy would be less stable. you'd probably want something kind of thin.
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