Sitting on chairs

So hi,

What do you think about how healthy is putting our backs on the back of the chairs while sitting?

and further, what do you think is the best sitting position for work, study, meditation/pray

P.S: I have problem keep myself sitting on a chair for +15 to study, its either sth wrong with the chair, or with me, but the most important is i must handle it!
I imagine that sitting is not the problem as much as this 15 hour stretch. Even including lying down, I cannot think of any position that is healthy for 15 hours in a row. You have to move. At least use a variety of chairs if you must remain seated this long every day.
I hope you mean 15 mins. The whole point of the back of the chair is so that you can keep your back straight. If you can't sit for more than 15 mins, I would suggest going to the gym and doing back hyperextensions for to strengthen your lower back.
Ah of course, 15 minutes it a whole 'nother thing. It doesn't really matter what chair you're talking about, if you cannot sit on ANYTHING for just fifteen minutes then you have a significant problem as a student. Then yes, hit the gym, do back stretches and crunches among other things (it worked great for me) and speak with the gym staff for informed advice. Oh yeah, talk to your physician first!


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Get a chair with good lumbar support, and sit straight, don't slouch! Proper posture for comfortably sitting a long time should put more weight onto your upper thighs than onto the back end of your butt so you aren't stressing your back so much.

But, as the others said, if you can't even sit for 15 min, then you should see a doctor and make sure you don't have some underlying back problem. If that checks out, then yep, exercise should help...strengthen your back and abs at the same time...both sets of muscles help maintain balance and good posture...if either is weak, you will be prone to back pains.


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I can't stand to put my upper back against the chair like I'm told to. To do that, I need to arch my back, which sort of makes my pelvis roll forward, then I'm putting pressure on my genitals. Whoever thought to sit like that is a retard.

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