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Six Degrees of Separation

  1. May 11, 2006 #1
    I'm sure most people are familiar with the 6 degrees of Kevin bacon game. Here's something for folks to have fun with. The rules are:

    1) You must name 2 relatively well known celebreties who have both appeared in at least one theatrical movie (i.e., not made for TV nor TV series).
    2) You must name the number of movies that separates them. E.g., if I were to name Kevin Bacon and Elliot Gould, then Kevin Bacon and Donald Sutherland were in JFK, and Dnald and Elliot Gould were in M*A*S*H together, so the separation is 1 movie.
    3) All connecting movies must also have relatively well known celebrity (though maybe not well known at the time) connections.
    4) The first person to correctly identify the number (please also specify pathway for clarification so that you aren't actually guessing a number) gets to go next.

    I'll start with a pretty easy one. Mel Gibson and Pierce Brosnan in 1 movie.
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    See if you can get the Olsen twins.

    I don't think it can be done.
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    If you mean the Olsen twins and Kevin bacon, hate to burst the bubble but there's only 1 degree: Kevin and Steve Guttenberg were in Diner and Steve was in It Takes Two with the Olsen twins.

    As for the regular game, we're not necessarily doing 6 Degrees of Kevin bacon, but 6 Degrees between any two celebs.
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    Rene Russo. Lethal Weapon N (edit: N=4) and Thomas Crown

    There's also something of a 0th degree separation : PB and MG were both in the short-list for playing James Bond.

    Thinking of a new one...

    Oops, sorry for the delay : Find two different 1 movie links between Will Smith and Kevin Costner. (I can think of three...and there's probably more big ones)
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    Damn, last time I played this game, that was the one that no one could get.
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