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Size and time dilation

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    Hello all. Not sure if this is the right place for this question, or if it even makes sense. This is my first post since registering a week ago, however I have been lurking and reading on here for a while. Great site! Lots of good information on here. Anyways, I have been thinking about perception of time/ time dilation. Does size have any bearing on how time is percieved in a personal reference frame?

    For example: An ant can run at about .08 mph while a human, being much larger, can run about 15 mph. Does an ant percieve time more quickly than a human based on size? I realize that time dilation works on much larger scales than this, but for the sake of argument, if we encountered a species that was much larger than ourselves, would that species view time differently than us?

    Thanks for letting me ramble!

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    One way of thinking about relativity is to think of rotations. If you look at a pencil, it looks different from different angles, but it's still the same. The same thing happens with space and time. You can use different numbers to measure space and time, depending on what "angle" you look at the situation from, but nothing really changes.
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