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Size of a Human Male's Penis

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    Why do human males care so much of their penis size? The answer to this question is simply sexual
    selection. A long time ago females choose males by sexual selection, then during evolution that pratice went a way, but not instinctly. Males have this instinct that their penis would get them a female, embedded in male's minds. Any thoughts to my theory?
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    Um...yeah...I have one thought:
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    Er... hmm... I think it more a cultural thing...
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    humans care about how they look, how big their nose and eyes are, their butts, their chest, there muscles and whatnot. the penis is just one more thing to brag and boast about or be ashamed of. guys compare it just like anyother part of the body. perhaps it may have added significance because it's... hidden away, but aside from that, nah. personally, i think there is way weirder things that guys compare... but the one thats springing to my mind... well i'm not sure how appropriate it is here...
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    The caring of how one looks go back to human days of sexual selection.
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    I've never been able to understand it. HOLY MOLY! I'm late for the pole vault competition.
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    Another God

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    I don't think you mean that 'sexual selection' went away do you? I thin you mean that the sexual selection based on penis size went away.

    This may seem to be the case in todays society, but we can't really be sure. Females do still notice penis size. It's pretty hard to miss in a sexual relationship. How big a role it plays in mate selection though is something I can't really comment on, and I doubt anyone else here could. Social dynamics have probably changed too much in the past 5 thousand years for evolution to possibly adapt our instincts to our situation, so things would be confused.

    As for the original hypothesis, that penis size played a role in sexual selection, i have to point out that even this point is not certain, and if it did play a role, it was probably only one of many determining factors. So not only do you need to have some reason to believe that penis size was selected by females, but you also need to show that it played a large enough role in the selection process to really influence anything.
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    I don't believe men
    start off with any instinctual
    notions about the size of their
    penis and getting women. If you
    come to believe this is important
    it is because you have been taught
    that it is by other people, men
    or women.
    I have found it to be a fact that
    a good proportion of women will
    speak of a larger penis as a more
    attractive prospect. The word
    larger is the operative
    word. It usually comes down to the
    desire to upgrade relative to what they're used to, rather than to
    find the most humongous man there

    A woman of my acquaintence once
    told me the story of how her
    urinary tract was collapsed (or
    some such thing) after she began
    having sex with an exceptionally
    large man. The doctor had to insert some kind of expander in
    it to open it back up, which was
    painful and strange. This man was
    just too big for her.

    For most women, though, the
    "desire to upgrade" as I put it
    seems to take a back seat to the
    usually stronger desire to be in-
    timate with someone with whom they
    feel strong emotional attachment.
    If there is anything authentically
    instinctual in this whole issue I
    think it is here: women will be
    more drawn to bond with the man
    who seems to them to be the more
    loyal husband and father. The reason is obvious - they don't
    want to have to raise kids alone.

    Some women don't want to have kids
    at all, and western society has
    finally adjusted to accomodate
    them. These women may or may not
    want to get married. They may or may not be in persuit of larger
    penises in the hope of greater

    A concluding twist: I think the
    phenomenon of men bragging to each
    other about penis size is a whole
    separate issue from mating and
    natural selection, if you catch my
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    Perhaps, but you're assuming that most previous cultures also assumed that a big penis was 'attractive'. Currently, big breasts are considered attractive in western culture, but this isn't universal. In ancient Rome, it was common for women to bind their breasts (even during sex) - apparently big breasts were considered unattractive.

    There is a danger in generalizing our current culture to all cultures.
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    Penis size, but other form of selection with it, went away but the instinct is within us, women as well have their sexual selection instincts within them.
    All cultures of sexual selection instincts.
  13. Mar 11, 2004 #12


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    The evolution of the human penis may to tied to the evolution of walking upright, the development of the brain, and the devolopment of emotion. Face to face copulation is more feasible with upright humans and, arguably, more intimate. However, the female sexual organ was still more towards the rear. As a result, a larger penis is needed for copulation. Therefore, woman chose (women do the choosing) larger endowed men. This is where it, most likely, started. In order to reach the large size that it is now, the evolutionary process had to start well before cultural influences had a play, and the instinct is still being passed down.

    In addition, an English school did a study on whether the position of vagina was still evolving towards the front of the body. They found that 30% of women's vaginas were still positioned closer to the rear. Does the instinct still have necessity? Perhaps.

    Culteral influences may have a role, but more so in the far future, as evolution does not happen overnight. Even explosive evolution still need thousands of years.

    An interesting question is whether the vaginal canal has evolved to accommodate a larger penis. If penises are getting bigger while the position of the vagina is moving foward, there may be a need for adaptation.
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    How big is a lesbian's penis?
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    this is absolutely true, especially for the small petite women...it can be very painful and unenjoyable...so men, don't be too sensitive if your manhood isn't all what you think it should be! it's quality over quanity in this instance...
  16. Jun 17, 2004 #15

    Large penises only contribute to large egos and serve no other bioligical purpose. In fact the female can accomodate a vast range of sizes from small to large and the muscles inside the vagina will change shape to accomodate, therefore should feel the same.

    Also the most sensitive part of the vagina is the first two inches. So there you go, nature has come up with a plan so no one gets left out.

    Any other reason for large ones is silly.
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    In fact the female can accomodate a vast range of sizes from small to large and the muscles inside the vagina will change shape to accomodate, therefore should feel the same.
    Also the most sensitive part of the vagina is the first two inches. So there you go, nature has come up with a plan so no one gets left out.

    are you male or female? if male, then i think this is wishful thinking.
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    i'v always been happy :wink:
  19. Jun 18, 2004 #18
    i don't care for their sizes. But I'm a woman. As long as he is a man, I am quite, quite happy!
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    Sure. To procreate, females have an almost 100% trend to choose mates of the opposite sex. Er... perhaps do you mean "artificial selection based on secondary sexual characters"?.

    In any case, one should be careful not to invoking natural selection here. The differences between artificial -cattle, dogs, horses- and natural selection are well explained in the "origin of the species". Natural, Darwinian, selection does not work choosing positive individual characteristics, but by extinguishing species with a negative collective characteristic.
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    No, it doesn't feel the same at all. Size is important.

    I disagree however with turtle's assumption that women selected men based on that. In prehistoric cultures I doubt women had much choice, and if they did, it would be someone who was a good protector and provider.
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