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Skeptic interviews alien abduction expert(Dr. David Jacobs)

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    Here Dr. David Jacobs is interviewed by Aaron Sakulich:

    The first two pages (introduction)may be a bit dull, but it gets quite interesting after that.

    Does anyone disagree with something said in the interview?

    Heres another interesting quote:

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    Right off the bat I have to take exception to the claim that everyone reports exactly the same thing. That just isn't true at all. A certain percentage of the stories of encounters with aliens don't even have an abduction element to them.

    The stories I've read run a chaotic gamut and details about every aspect of the experience are very different from one report to the next. Despite the common image of the small grey, the aliens don't actually have a consistant appearance from one report to the next. Some people are merely "visited" by the aliens, some are taken to vague, strange places, and some are taken to a "ship".

    The screen he mentions in his second quote, for instance, is the very first time I've ever heard of this in the dozens of these reports I've read.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Then they wouldn't pertain to issue of abductions.

    I don't implicitly buy into the abduction claims, but as far as I know, everything that you have said is inaccurate. And of the hundreds or even thousands of reports that I'm familiar with or read, I know of many stories that involve a screen. A few dozen reports hardly constitutes a sample of the phenomenon. I've read this much in a night.
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    Not in the least.
    You are just proving my point. You only know of "many" stories with a screen. This guy is saying they all report the same thing, no matter who they are, and in great detail. There are big differences in detail is just the famous stories: The Hills were walked bodily from their car into the parked saucer, Travis Walton was pulled up into the ship by a kind of tractor beam, and Whitley Strieber was floated from his bed in a kind of OBE, as I recall. The stories aren't all the same.
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    I havent read hundreds of abduction accounts, but perhaps a few dozen, lets say 50. The ones ive read were quite diverse. There were a few with a screen, some of which, if remember correctly, showed planet earth being destroyed by some kind of disaster.

    I think this video portrays the 'average' abduction account:
    http://www.ufocasebook.com/visitors.ram [Broken]
    (need realplayer or realplayer alternative, be patient while it loads)

    The whole abduction phenomena has me confused, because some cases seem credible (multiple independent witnesses, physical traces, scars), while others sound like complete fairy tales. Of course my sources may not be reliable.

    I didnt agree with some of the things Dr. Jacos said, such as that the aliens all look identical. Other parts I agree with, such as that sleep paralysis cannot be an explanation. Its actually getting a bit silly that this is still brought forth as an explanation.

    Here are some different abduction cases:

    1. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/intro_80k.rm&proto=rtsp

    2. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/phillip_80k.rm&proto=rtsp

    3. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/kathy_80k.rm&proto=rtsp

    4. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/bill_80k.rm&proto=rtsp

    5. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/michael_80k.rm&proto=rtsp

    6. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/landi_80k.rm&proto=rtsp

    7. http://play.rbn.com/?url=usanet/usanet/g2demand/scifi/diaries/sandy_80k.rm&proto=rtsp
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