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Homework Help: Sketch 3 µF capacitor

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    Hey everybody, I hope that you can help me with this question:

    The current through a 3 µF capacitor is shown in the figur:


    At t=0, the voltage is v(0)=10. Sketch the voltage, power, and stored energy to scale versus time.

    - I will start to find the voltage. To find the voltage I have to use this formula:


    is it tru????
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    Try using the following equation instead:

    i = C dV/dt

    You have the i(t) waveform, and you are given V(t=0). How can you manipulate the above equation to get the equation for the voltage V(t)? Plot V(t), then plot E(t), and from that, you can plot the power P(t).
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