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Sketch mod(Psi1)

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    Got me some energy e-states Psi(x,t) = blah blah.. I am asked to normalize, blh blah blah.. got that. Then i'm asked to sketch mod(Psi1).. what the heck is mod? I know what mod is in regards to number theory, but obviously this is a different term. Can't find it for the life of me on any sites, or in any books.. I vaguely remember it from Modern a few years back.. Anyone? Anyone?
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    Mod is the absolute value (modulus). Since the wave function is a function from R^n to the complex numbers, the standard definition of modulus of a complex number applies. In your case, however, the wavefunction is probably 1D, real and time-independent, so just take the modulus as you would normally. The mod squared corresponds to the probability of finding the particle in an infinitesimally small interval at that location.
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    Thank you very much!
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