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Sketch the graph problem

  1. Mar 29, 2007 #1
    sketch the graph of a function that has no local minimum at 2 and is differentiable at 2

    this is confusing, how come this is an upside down parabola, it makes sense, but how do i know what kind of graph to draw
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    There must be more to the question. Infinitely many functions have no local minima at 2 and are differentiable there. What else is given in the problem or in the discussion that precedes the problem?
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    mmm, no what i wrote it wrong i meant local maximum, my bad.
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    Well, maybe when they said sketch the graph of *a* function, they meant any of the infinitely many functions that obey the criteria. Woudn't a horizontal line work?
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    Again, are you sure you have written the problem correctly? Almost any graph except the upside down parabola you mention would work. Are you sure the problem did not say "has a local maximum at x=2" rather than "has no local maximum"?
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