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Sketching Curves

  1. Apr 28, 2009 #1
    Z(t)= t^2 - 1 + i(t+4) for 1<t<3

    Can anyone Sketch it for me I m new on the forum ... and dont know how to skecth it
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    I take it that is in the complex plane. Taking the x-axis to be the real line and the y-axis to be the imaginary line, x= t^2- 1 and y= t+ 4. From y= t+ 4, t= y- 4. Replacing t in the x equation with that, x= (y-4)^2- 1. That's a parabola with horizontal axis. Can you graph that? Where is the vertex?
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    Yeap i can graph that ... is the curve that i need right ?
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