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Skills Needed for Science and Engineering

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    HI well i wonder if you need to have certin skills to be a science/engineering person
    i mean like: writing ,creativty ,mechincal facility,quantitive analysis,attention to detail and orgranzation

    i have skills in writing and crtical reading (a lot ) not spelling lol. Math (a lot) and a good deal of creativty in different dircetions and I am very good at quantative analyis of anything(extermly good) but i don't tinker or have much manual dexterity or very much mechnical facilty( more than the dexterity) suck at organaztion(except Ideas) yet people say i am a good problem solver and good designer. SOoo what are my prospects for engineering or physics/other pure science
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    I'm an engineering student, but I talk to a lot of people with engineering degrees, either through work or the bar I frequent.

    From what they tell me, the odds are, your senior project will be the last thing that you ever really build. They also tell me that an engineering degree is probably the most flexible degree you can get. All of them get headhunting calls once or twice a month, half the time it's an offer to move into a completely different field then their current job.

    After doing the research on the web and talking to my friends; I'm convinced that if you don't know precisely what you want to do after college and you can handle the math and course load, then an engineering degree is the way to go.
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