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Skills of a Physicists

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    I was told the other day that a great physicists would be given a problem and the first thing they would do is to attach it to a real life scenario, creating a mental image. Once they do that they do the math.

    My questions are:

    When they say create a 'mental image', is it like a mental picture or mental movie?

    How important is it to create these images?

    What do you think the skills of a physicists are?
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    I'm not sure "important" is the word, but if you can't picture what's going on in even the simplest problems, you might as well change your job title to mathematician.
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    when you say picture, do you mean forming a 'movie' of what's happening or forming a snapshot?(photograph)
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    It depends on the problem. For me, the mental picture is usually something with stick figures.

    For me, it's really important.
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