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Skills to put on CV

  1. Feb 26, 2016 #1
    I am going for an internship at a national laboratory and I think I have a pretty good chance but I am wanting to make my CV a little bit better. I won't know until I get the internship what I will be doing so I don't know what skills to include. I'm a senior in Chemistry and Math, I have research experience, and excellent grades and I taught a little bit at a community college. I've already included these things and my responsibilities for my job and research.
    I know a little bit of programming but I'm not really proficient. More like I understand syntax for two programming languages and can code simple programs with both of them. Is this something I should include? I know laboratory skills and safety from the labs I've taken at school but is it worth including something like this? I'm also very good at working with data in Excel.
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    Disclaimer: I have no idea what the national laboratory is looking for, so take my advice with sufficient grains of salt:

    Yes, include it on your CV. The Excel knowledge too. On your CV you can quantify your knowledge, eg "Excel - Expert knowledge", "Python - Simple programs", something like that

    This is important, but I don't feel it should be in a CV. Instead, you will want to put it in the motivation letter.
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