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Skipping regular physics?

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    Hey all.

    I'm a high school freshman; so I'm not exactly 'wise' when it comes to education. I've been self teaching myself physics over the last couple of months from Sears and Zemansky's University Physics, 12th edition, and although I started out very badly, I now have a very good grasp over the contents that are required for AP Physics; I am thinking of skipping the normal high school physics course and taking AP Physics BC (or I and II because of the curriculum change) in my sophomore year. Is it worth skipping high school physics? Or should I take the class regardless of whether or not I am good enough to take the AP version of the course? I feel like the standard course has nothing of importance to offer me, and I feel very confident about taking the exam this May. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section; this section is for Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help, but I found no other sub-forum that would suit this thread.
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    It's easy to get in over your head by skipping things - even if you "test out" of them.

    It is entirely possible that you won't find much of a challenge with your regular physics course if you're reading ahead. This can be rather common. But on the other hand if you take the class, you may find that you don't understand things as well as you believe, or you may learn things that aren't covered explicitly in your textbook, or that you didn't think were all that important. By skipping the class, you might miss this stuff and then when you're struggling with a more advanced course, you may end up hating the subject.

    Talk to your teachers about this. They will likely have some good insight because they will know what the outcomes have been for students similar to yourself who have gone either way.
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    Take it, you seem very much ahead of where most are at your age. If you have no trouble with University physics you should do very well in AP physics as they are at roughly the same level.
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    I talked to some teachers and they recommended that I take AP Physics I next year.
    Thanks for the advice.
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