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Skull and Bones

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    Im sure some of you guys have heard of this extraordinary story on Skull and Bones.

    Thing is, do u guys believe in this kind of stuff, if u dont know who they are. here are some links:

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    I have heard of the organization. I have also heard that George W. is a member. I continued with the research and discovered much more information worth reading.
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    When I was a freshman at Yale, in 1977-78, I would often walk by the Bones tomb. It has somewhat the feel of an Egyptian Pyramid, simple in its mausoleum geometry, and without adornments. Many of the underclass dream of eventually getting "tapped," a touch on the shoulder which inquires whether the selected wishes to join. Chosen captains of industry, government and financing have belonged to Skull & Bones.

    What drives its "secrecy," though, are the rituals and plotting that supposedly take place within. Much more rumor than fact, speculation than actuality, exist about the charm and proceedings of the society. My guess is that it is not much different than other secret societies. Members want to feel more special or elite than others - indeed, they have already grown up in privilege; most are quite talented and intelligent. (Most, G.W.) It is quite possible, although uncertain, that I knew a Bonesman-to-be on the Old (freshman) campus at Yale.
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    Bah! The mantra of "secret societies dominating the world" can NEVER be subjected to a rigorous analysis because secret socities are, by definition, secret. Who would of have ever guessed that the pecadilloes of Ivy League collegians would have people yelling "conspiracy!'
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    Why doesn't some just go in there, place some secret recording devices, and find out what's really going on?
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    Jeez, it's you didn't watch http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0192614/" [Broken] at all. Doing that ends up with a dreamy Joshua Jackson getting into an old fashioned duel with even more dreamy Paul Walker while your long-time best friend and former newpaper writer is dead while a congressman tries to cover the murder up.

    Um...spoiler alert.
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    You know we have spoiler tags right? ;-)
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    I've always suspected it was nothing more than a fraternity for the rich snobby kids. They make it seem important with all the secrecy, but once behind closed doors, probably play the same drinking games as anyone else. Sure they go on to great things, because they're already from well-connected families. *shrugs*
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    this extraordinary story

    requires 'extraordinary' proof.
    I'm reading..... go for it.
    Please provide the sources.
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    I know. The movie is like 10 years old or so, so I was just trying to be silly.
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    Some members are more like Numbskulls & Boneheads.
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