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Homework Help: Sky diving

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    Hey all,

    I went skydiving 2 days ago expecting to get that sinking stomach feeling that people typically experience during a roller coaster. Well, that didn't happen. It just felt like wind blowing on you. Can someone please explain?
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    Well I've never experienced skydiving and barely remember roller coaster rides but my guess is that on a roller coaster, you're being thrown up and down and side to side whereas when you're skydiving, you're only accelerating in one direction. I also THINK that once you hit terminal velocity, your organs wont be accelerating in any direction so it'll be relatively stable.
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    yea, i thought that organs are accelerating faster than the rest of your strapped body during a roller coaster drop. So the organs push up causing that sinking feeling. I was talking to another friend and he was saying how the horizontal velocity component (the airplane) does not cause the "gut sensation." So if you were to skydive off a mountain, you WOULD experience the sensation.
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