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Slaughterhous-five childrens crusade & banning

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    slaughterhous-five childrens crusade & banning it

    si must know do you think slaughterhouse-five should be banned :cry: why or why not :confused:
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    Why would anyone wa to ban Slaughterhouse-5?
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    Who is wanting a ban Zirox? You need to provide details, otherwise your post has little meaning. There are always small self interest groups that want to deprive others of whatever they personally object to.

    There is nothing wrong with the book, it's one of my favorites.
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    Sorry guys, but wat is so great about that book? I have read it and found it rather on the boring side.
    Maybe that's way they should banned it. :wink:
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    I didn't really care for it, but there is nothing bannable it in (or in any book for that matter). Runs against the principle of free speech.

    The only case you can make is no government support (i.e. library housing) for certain material (only things coming immediately to mind racist or pornographic material). The problem isthat once you draw that line idiots running special interest groups then want to ban all sorts of things that they personally disagree with,free speech be damned.

    Slaughterhouse-five, even though i didn't enjoy it is a book that should be read by everyone. Same with farenheit 451.
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    If you didn't enjoy the book, you might still like the movie. It was quite enjoyable. :biggrin:
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    Math Is Hard

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    I remember as a young'un being quite upset when they took this book, Slaughterhouse Five (and several others by Vonnegut), out of the high school library in my tiny town in Alabama. I grew up during the time of book-burning and literary censorship in the South (U.S.).
    Vonnegut is probably my all-time favorite author. In high school, I loved his books so much that I read many of them in two translations: English and French. This was only because I wanted to hear different interpretations on the author's work.
    Coincidentally, I am re-reading The Sirens of Titan this week. The recent explorations of Titan have motivated me to read it again, simply because it's so fascinating to compare what an author in 1959 speculated (and fantasized) about this moon vs. what we know now.
    I can't understand why there would be talk of banning a Vonnegut novel in this day and age (even in the Southern U.S.), but I would like to know more, if such reasons still exist. I thought we'd all moved past this now.
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    Agree Evo, "slughterhouse 5" movie is much better than the book.
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    Why would anyone wa to ban Slaughterhouse-5?
    elders in 1970 to 2001 is who, sorry for the lack of detail evo, and i'm looking forward to the movie when i have the chance.
  11. Nov 4, 2004 #10
    i agree :bugeye:

    I didn't really care for it, but there is nothing bannable it in (or in any book for that matter). Runs against the principle of free speech
    but in another twisted responsibilities world i am predispositioned to also beleive in this
    bare it in mind i have no intentions to ban this book
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    I won't read anything unless at least one special interest group has tried to ban it.
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    What is the objection to Slaughterhouse-Five? I love Vonnegut novels and don't really know what about it is even objectionable. I can understand some people won't like that genre, but the easy solution is to not read it. You don't have to ban it for everyone else.

    tribdog, that might actually be a good approach. Let these people know that by banning the book, it just makes people even more curious to read it. Maybe Amazon should have a section dedicated to banned books to make it easier to find them for those so inclined. That would "learn" them! :rofl:
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    yep, that was my way of looking at it. I knew I had a social conscience in here somewhere.
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