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Slave Boson method

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    [SOLVED] Slave Boson method

    I am currently writing a term paper for my many-body QM course about the slave boson method in strongly correlated electronic systems. Can someone perhaps point me to a paper to start with and move on from? I can't seem to find the paper that introduces the concept, and that would be greatly appreciated if someone knows where I can find it.
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    Have you looked at : Kotliar and Ruckenstein, Phys. Rev. Lett. 57, 1362–1365 (1986) ?
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    Too bad there aren't any response back from the OP, since this is such an interesting topic.

    Kotliar, btw, is one of the "giants" in the Dynamical Mean Field Theory. And it is also interesting that he has a preprint out today on a review of the use of "spectral density function theory" in strongly correlated systems.


    It's a tough but interesting reading.

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