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Sleep and computers

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    Does blankly staring at a computer screen for hours without moving count as sleep? :wink: If not, I really should go to sleep now

    3 am, signing off
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    You don't need sleep!!! Supposedly a professor at Yale (in USA) only gets 2 hours of sleep a night.

    Could you imagine the benefits of not having to go to sleep?
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    Re: RE

    - being tired?
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    It works once in a while, where I can work through the night and still be fresh for another day :P

    The reason that I am up late at night (sometimes) is to talk to my friends in the US, who don't come home until late, then I go and check PF afterwards, take care of some other things and before I know it my dad is shaving and getting ready for a new day :P

    I'd be more groggy sleeping for two hours then I would be when staying awake.

    BUT I actually heard of a study which found that sleeping after studying improves the lasting of that memory, it gets processed and refreshed! So the last minute studying that some people do, late at night before and exam is actually doing more damage then going to sleep and let the brain do its remembering for you.
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    I've heard of it too. Also here're my experiences.

    Once I slept at 21.00 and got up at 00.00 to study for my math test. I didn't sleep after 00.00. During the math test, I couldn't recall well what I had studied and lost lots of marks in simple questions.

    When I was in grade 8 and didn't study for my geography exam until the night before exam. I started to study at about 8pm and slept at about 11pm. I got up very early the next morning and could still recall all the stuffs that I had memorized.

    Perhaps this proves that sleeping can enhance our memory.

    In September and October this year, I allowed myself to sleep as much as possible at night and usually I got 8 hours sleep. Because of the plenty of sleep, I could concentrate extremely well in class and the effectiveness of learning was boosted up a lot compared with the time when I had very little sleep.

    So my conclusion is sleeping is important for learning. :smile:

    Well, I remember there's a research done by scientists not long ago telling us people who have 6 hours sleep per day can live longer than those who always have very little sleep and those who sleep more than 8 hours a day. A strange phenomenon.
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    Well yes, sometimes I treat staring at a computer screen for hours without moving as sleeping and can stay up for a whole night without standing up, so as not to disturb the quality of the "sleep".

    Some recent researches suggest that we cannot fast asleep easily after using computer at night. I have lots of this kind of experience.
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    I think it just proves that lack of sleep equals decreased ability to concentrate. Either way, sleep is good.
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