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Sleep and IQ

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    Is there any study showing that sleeping too little for a period of time, say a few months, lowers a person's IQ ?
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    I don't need a study to show me that, I have proven myself correct in that regard it is very logical that it would reduce the IQ.
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    Well, if a person can die due to sleep deprivation, I am sure loss of IQ occurs somewhere in between.

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    I don't know of a scientific study about it, but just ask any parent. The brain turns to mush after you have kids. :smile:
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    The brain is no different than anyother part of the body, it needs sleep to recover and function. Except that maybe sleep is more important to the brain.

    Are there studies about sleep deprivation??? I am sure there are 1000's

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    Here is one study:

    Project Number: 030583
    Scientific Title:

    Effects of Total Sleep Deprivation and Recovery Sleep on Cognitive Performance and Brain Function
    Principal Investigator (ie., Lead Researcher):

    Sean Drummond, Ph.D

    The purposes of this study are to examine brain function and cognitive performance, both during sleep deprivation and after recovery from that sleep loss. Participants will perform cognitive tasks while we take pictures of the brain with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A number of these MRI sessions are involved. There are two branches to this study. One branch of the study requires participants to come in two times a day at the same times for five consecutive days to undergo various tests of attention and memory, as well as functional brain imaging, in order to determine how repeated testing affects measures of brain function. No sleep deprivation is involved in this part.The other branch of the study also involves 2 brain scans per day for 5 days, but additionally involves staying in the laboratory for 6 consecutive nights and 5 consecutive days. During this time you will sleep some nights and be sleep deprived (not allowed to sleep at all) on other nights. The purpose of this branch is to see how the brain reacts to sleep, a lack of sleep, and recovery sleep after sleep loss. Volunteers may only participate in one of the two branches of the study.
    This project accepts normal volunteers

    Please Note: This study requires an INPATIENT stay (ie., hospitalization).

    Eligibility criteria:

    Gender: Both males and females are eligible to participate. Minimum age: 18. Maximum age: 39. Gender: Both males and females are eligible to participate. Minimum age: 18. Maximum age: 39. Must be right handed and a native english speaker. Must be in good physical and psychological health.
    Exclusions (conditions which would prevent a volunteer from participating in this study):

    Current or recent use of tobacco products. Current use of illegal recreational drugs. Left handed. Sleep problems.


    VA Medical Center, La Jolla (next to UCSD campus)


    $300 (no hospital stays, no sleep deprivation) or $1000 (hospital stays and sleep deprivation)

    For further information about this study, please contact:

    Jen or Matt

    858-642-1259 or 858-642-3192
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