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Sleep Disorder (Somniloquy)

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    I have visited your forums with interest and have posted this, in the hope, that someone may be able to shed some light on the situation I find myself within. My partner, wakes at night (at least 2, sometimes 3 times), proceeds to pour out his heart with speech patterns that are not his "conscious" style, then goes back to the resonating din of snoring. Has no recollection of same and it has now processed to grabbing me to make sure I've heard him. This is a non-violent act, but this is not pleasant and disturbing to my sleep.

    Any ideas would be welcomed...unfortunately such areas were not covered in my discipline of law. :zzz:
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    Sleep talking, always a fun topic but not when you get awakened every night :) It happens to more people than you might think, but nobody knows for sure why it happens. I think it has to do with certain stress or anxiety levels.

    My bf used to jump upright and start saying that the bed needed to be fixed, such things would happen almost every night until it went away.
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    People have a tendency to say weird things in there sleep; apparently I screamed "DONT SQUISH THE GRAPES!!!!!" one night. My sister likes to sing in her sleep sometimes. Why do people talk in their sleep? Is there any scientific research to explain this odd phenomenon?
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    I can only guess is that they are acting out their dreams. I've done this a few times and smashed my arm on the side table..
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    Thanks for the replies....I like the grapes! I wonder if the "subconcious" is responsible...as in, no inhibitions, so we say what's on our mind. A friend who is a phsyh suggested Post traumatic stress syndr...as in, something that has happened in the past, now causes him not to expose himself as it were, emotionally whilst in a concious state. Any research on these areas would be great if anyone has knowledge of their existence. :zzz:
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    I used to talk in the early mornings, but I dont think I have in a while. Sometimes when I'd get woken up, I'd remember what it was that I was talking about, and for a brief moment, it would still make complete rational sense. Never sleptwalked or acted out though.
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