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Medical Sleep & Erections

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    I took Ambien (sleeping pills) for about 2 to 3 years because my mind always so active and it makes me sleep better. But stopped it about 2 months ago because the pills only made me sleep 3 hours then awake the whole time whereas now I learn how to sleep at least 5 hours without it.

    But I encounter nightly erections continuously while sleeping. Is this normal? Do you guys all experience this.. I'm not talking about erections in the morning when you get up but at midnight. It's like when my mind is relaxed and I sleep.. it cause chemicals to flow into the organ relaxing the cells dilating them.. could it be related to the fact that I suppressed REM sleep for all those years I took sleeping pills. And when I stopped it.. the REM rebound and cause continuous erections throughout the night? I have to get up so often because I read it you have continuous one for 4 hours (priaprism), the organ may get damaged from lack of oxygen.

    The urologist I consulted is not familiar with it because he is not a neurologist. The neurologist I consulted not familiar with it because he is not familiar with urology. And their comments are just to wait until it stopped. So I need some knowledge of REM sleep and erections for now at least to understand why it is happening and if it happens to you guys too.. Thanks a lot.
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    Sorry, we cannot offer a diagnosis or give medical advice here. Tell your GP doctor that the urologist and neurologist are not being helpful, and ask for a different referral. Thread is closed.
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