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Sleep science

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    I have been going on less sleep now than before (5-6 hours/day) because of a lot of schoolwork and other work, I was wondering what research there is as far as maximizing sleep as far as what little I get.

    For example, is it a good idea to attempt to "catch up" during the weekend by sleeping longer, or should I keep a consistent amount of hours?
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    yeah so apparently 5 -6 hours of sleep isnt enough anymore. But for all you students and researchers what can you do.
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    From what I understand, everyone needs a slightly different amount of sleep, but you should probably aim for 7-8 hours a night. If you don't get enough, you build up 'sleep debt' - and yes, it is a good idea to try to catch up on your sleep debt if you haven't been sleeping enough.

    I am not an expert, just remember this from a lecture a couple of years ago...
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