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Medical Sleep sensor

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    Hi PF, I need some help. I'm studying to be an electrical engineer and i'm trying to make a cheap, non-invasive device that can detect when a person is starting to fall asleep. The device should be able to work on any person and perform a task before they can fall asleep.

    *Can anyone tell me what happens physiologically when a person starts to loose consciousness?

    As a bonus, it would be extra helpful if you know a way to easily and cheaply detect it.

    What I know:
    rapid eye movment- unusable beacuse the person is too far into sleep
    slowing heart rate- differs from person to person and is dependent on prior physical activity. unreliable?
    brain waves change- too invasive to detect and costly.
    Any more?

    Much thanks,
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    Bueller? ..... Bueller?..... Bueller? .....

    Does anyone have a thought on detecting the first and second stage of NREM sleep?

    Much thanks,
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