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Sleep Walking

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    How is one able to sleepwalk and enact a dream without even knowing it? I have already sleepwalked , sleep studied (amazing huh? i got an 'A' for that paper) and sleep eaten.My parents saw me & let the episode pass and I cannot recall even a moment.
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    jim mcnamara

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    My ex-husband used to cook while sleepwalking. His mother would find him in the kitchen frying eggs and he'd be asleep. It can be a very dangerous condition.
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    The states of consciousness and unconsciousness are not on/off. Nor is memory storage and recall.

    When sleepwalking, parts of your brain are perceiving and acting (even on knowledge, such as 'where is the door'). Not remembering can merely be a matter of short-circuting the memory-storage mechanism.

    We're so used to everything in our brains working tickety-boo we forget that it's pretty kludgy.
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    This week I found out that my uncle was a sleepwalker.:zzz:
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