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Sleeping Potion

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    This is completely out of the blue, but is there any such chemical that when a person inhales it, they are forced to sleep?
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    Chloroform [tex]CHCl_3[/tex]. Why do you ask? :tongue2:
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    There are a number of inhalation anesthetics, if that's what you mean by sleep, such as halothane and isofluorane (I don't know the chemical structures of these). Of course we've all heard of using ether for such purposes before somewhat safer anesthetics were developed.

    But if you didn't mean unconsciousness but just sleep, I don't know of anything.
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    "Chloroform (real chemical name trichloromethane) is often used on TV by nefarious characters who want to put people to sleep. Usually they pour it onto a rag and then hold it against the victim's nose so they smell it and eventually pass out. Doctors also used to use it as an anesthetic in the olden days to put people to sleep for surgery. It is no longer used for several reasons: 1) it's toxic to the lungs and very irritating to the skin and respiratory tract lining 2) it's carcinogenic 3) we've got a lot better anesthetic agents now that are not so irritating and not carcinogenic."

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    I've been exposed to lots of chemicals so I can say from first hand experience that acetic acid (vinegar) will knock you out faster than ether or chloroform will. I put a small amount of vinegar in a microwave before, and I got a lung full of it when I opened the door. I actually passed out for a few minutes after inhaling that. I've boiled off large amounts of ether and chloroform in a poorly ventilated area with nothing more than mild dizzyness and nausea. Inhaling ethanol fumes will also mess you up pretty bad; I almost passed out in the chem lab today after standing next to a beaker of boiling ethanol a little too long. I was drunk for a few hours after that too.

    If you want something to drink, I'm fairly certain there's an easy to make date rape drug that prevents the body from processing alcohol properly. As such, you'll pass out after having 1 beer. Drinking a Long Island Ice Tea might just kill you though.
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