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Medical Sleeping problems

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    Lately my sleeping problems have been gone acute. I cant sleep continuously for more than 3 hours (usually i wake up every 1-1.5 hour) i usually see too many dreams (usually i wake up because of the dream).

    I always had sleeping problems (they started about 20 years ago) but its the last 1 year that they are evolved really bad. I visited a doctor (cardiologist-pathologist) and he told me that my problem is psychological and that i need to visit a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

    What i want to ask is: If we take aside the psychological factor, what other cause might be that is causing the sleeping problems? What medical exams you suggest me to do (brain MRI scan? maybe thyroid gland exams?)

    What kind of doctor is specialized for sleeping problems?
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    I'd advise getting a referal to an insomnia specialist. They will be able to recommend what tests and treatments would be appropriate. We can't give you any more advice from this point, all the best.
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