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Sleepy after reading few pages

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    I find myself sleepy every time I finish 1-2 pages of some book. AM I sick ? or is my brain's reading function problematic ? I'm worried!
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    Maybe you're reading at the wrong time of the day?

    Maybe you need to sleep more during the night?
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    I heard, or read rather, in the paper the other day, that, get this, 75% of Americans (hey the study was done there) are chronically dehydrated, and apparently if you let your water reserves drop even 2% below "normal" it leads to what they called "daytime fatigue". Now, I'm not American, but I don't drink enough water and I know it, and I'm tired man, so tired. I also work awful hours and stay up late, but I'm going to try and up my fluids anyway.

    In any case, I wouldn't be too worried, plenty of folks get tired, but you might as well make sure that you're doing the right things with regards to eating, sleeping, drinking and exercise before you jump to any diabolical conclusions.
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    Maybe you're reading something that is really boring?
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    Do you read in bed often? Apparently if you read in bed, you tend to associate reading with subsequently sleeping and therefore if, one day, you decide to read in your living room, your brain begins to prep itself for a nap.
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    Try "The Story Of O". It'll either keep you awake or give you nightmares. :devil:
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    This is me too. I read a few pages and pass out.. I've finished books but only after about 300 naps.
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    This is pretty much what happens to me if I'm reading something boring. If its something I enjoy, then I'll continue to read for hours until eventually getting tired.

    Anyway, no it's not problematic to fall asleep while reading a book. Perfectly normal!

    (Unless you have Narcolepsy.) :P
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    It's serious only if you fall asleep during sex or while driving. I haven't done either more than twice.
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