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Slide mode observer of an unknown input in a nonlinear system

  1. Feb 1, 2017 #1
    I have following system
    m\dot{v} = F_x\\
    J\dot{\omega} = T - F_x R_e\\
    It is the the equation motion of a wheel. Where following are known
    $$ J, \dot{v} , \dot{\omega}, T, F_x$$
    The not known variable is the R_e . it can be calculated at the beginning using sensors and stuff but my task is to observe the changes in R. Where it is done I think I can use the same procedure to observe $$Fx$$. I have been looking at multiple article dealing with slide mode observer. However I can get start and begin writing or programming since I'm very unsecure. Anyone here can give me some hints?
    This is not a homework and I appritiate any help.
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