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Slide rule question

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    My son is in his Freshman year at NIU to studying engineering and said he would like a slide rule for his birthday. Is there a particular brand or model, or are there particular features that would be most relevant to his field? I know few people actually use them any more, but knowing my son - he might! Any help would be appreciated.
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    Bob, is there anywhere to buy slide rules ?
    Without trawling junk stores for antique ones, or the paper toys from the discovery store
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    E-Bay is a great place and there is also a really nice guy in BC that I have bought a couple from. I highly recommend him:


    Just make sure you educate yourself before buying if you go to e-bay. Just remember there are a lot of different kinds of slide rules that cover a lot of different areas of interest.

    In the US the most prevalent brand was Pickett. You can get brand new ones that look really nice or go with a used one. They made some really nice metal ones.

    I give BobG about a nano-second before he comes in here and gives you a full report.
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