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Slightly harder

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    A 12x30 foot room has a 12-foot ceiling. In the middle of the end wall(across the 30 foot gap of course), a foot above the floor, is a spider. The spider wants to capture a fly in the middle of the opposite wall, one foot below the ceiling. What is the shortest path the spider can take? (distance)

    Good luck!
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    Answer (highlight to view):
    I think the problem is stated too simply as both spider and fly are on the line that runs through the centers of their respective walls, parallel to each other. In the general case, treating the walls as if they formed a box, cut along the edges so that the box can be flattened. Then draw a straight line from spider to fly.
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    Find the shortest distance he has to travel in inches :biggrin: .
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    A similar problem has been posted before (quite a while ago, admittedly):

    But your numbers work out far better-- If the spider walks directly along the middle of the floor/ceiling, he walks 42 feet. But there is a shorter path where he can get there in 40 feet.

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    Correct. :smile:

    Sorry for the double post.

    I need to find some better brain teasers to post here. I suppose it will be hard to stump a science forum. :rolleyes: :tongue:
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