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Slightly intimidated novice

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    Hello there! I'm probably younger and less experienced/educated than most active members here, so it is with caution I come here now.
    I have never quite gotten the hang of the formalia surrounding these intro-posts and it's currently 02:40 in the morning so I might be writing wonkily.
    I'm currently studying first year of Swedish upper secondary at NatSci/NatSci/Maths (The Science programme with a http://norrareal.stockholm.se/sites/default/files/nanatma14_0.pdf [Broken] specific to my school). I hope to get a PhD in theoretical physics (Cosmology? Astrophysics? Particle physics? Complex systems? Don't know yet!) but the thought of a Teknologie Doktor (Engineering) or pure mathematics hasn't escaped me. Other interests include writing, philosophy and politics.
    I couldn't find but mentions of it, but is there a IRC room related to these forums?
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    Welcome to the forums, WineRedPsy! There is no IRC channel related to these forums; however we have a chat which is open to all members on a Sunday (US time), and at all other times to those who have gold membership.
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    Also, chat is social, questions and homework must be asked in the forums, not chat.
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    All rightie, thanks!
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