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Slightly off topic pump question

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    Ok this is VERY WEIRD so bare with me.

    I play gaida which is an instruments close to the bagpipes in Bulgaria. I would like to BUY or MAKE a footpump for this because I struggle as I don't have the lung-power to play

    I have tried the type of foot pump used on a rubber raft but this is very inefficient.

    does anyone have any pump suggestions (no electric please)
    HOw to I build a foot pump that outputs air on both the push of the foot but also the release (a bellows?)

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    the rough, and i mean rough! design would be like having two bladders, and two spouts. placing them one on top of a board and one on bottom of a board and fixing the spouts at the same end would give you the basic arrangement.

    you would then construct a frame that is the size of a full bladder plus the board plus the flat bladder.

    affix the bladders to the boards so that they move together. place a large check valve on the spigots and a similarly sized one on a hole anywhere else either in the bladder or off to the side of the spigot. you dont want the bladder sucking right from the place you are blowing from, especially if you are to join them in a tubing. if you had a sort of handle from the middle board, and the handle had a hole with its plane on the vertical you could pump with your foot.

    now, since youd need to pipe the output and youd want to join the two pumps you would want check valves on the output and passive inlet checks. those ball valves would work fine, and the spring and balls or reed would work too. valving is a matter of details and its a personal choice for the exact device. youd want them to flow easily and without much back pressure. you want a shhhh-shhhhh not a psht-gap-psht... use a valve that suits you. the two ball type check valves would be my choice, finding one to flow that much air might be a problem. you can use wooden ones, actually, that flow quite well and use a light wooden ball rather than the metal type used for liquids of greater density. reeds might work well for the inlet valves, you can use multiples to increase flow, and they take very little action and minimal pressure to close.

    does that help at all?
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