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Slip-in-tube drive shaft

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    What is slip in tube drive shaft ? How it is different from other drive shafts i.e1-piece and 2-piece drive shaft?And what is suitable material of drive shaft ,can we use shaft in bicycle ?
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    1 peice driveshaft is basically a long metal bar or tube that transfers the rotational motion.

    2 peice is 2 shafts that are connected by a universal or constant velocity joint.

    The slip in tube is basically a collapsable driveshaft. So a tube within a tube (kind of like a telescope).

    Suitable materials for driveshafts depends on the torque transmission, it'll have to have a torsional rigidity large enough not to twist itsself apart or collapse. Driveshafts can be used in a bicycle, but i've never seen one in real life.
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    Thank you for ur information
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