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Slit Experiment in Time

  1. Dec 2, 2005 #1
    I'm away from my university studying in a far away land, and I dram up questions, but I have no one to ask...

    Where could I find resources about quantum actions in time? I'd really like to know more relativistic QM.

    One question I had was with respect to the temporalness of the slit experiment. If I am to understand Feynman diagrams/theory correctly, one could essentially compute an integral of all possible paths between one side and the other of a slit experiment to arrive at a statistical result.

    If so, is there a difference in the statistical result if, while a photon is traveling to the receptor, the receptor is moved backwards? The question would ask whether or not the movement of the receptor was 'anticipated' by the photon, or did the photon change it's course once the receptor was moved. It seems an interesting experiment with respect to time in QM, but I'm not sure.

    Even if I'm way off base, is there some book/resource to learn about such temporal QM?
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