Slope and Tan(angle).

  1. my question is that
    slope can be 1,2,3,..,9,0
    but tan(angle) can be 0,1 or b/w the intervals or infinity.
    so how they can be equal.
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    Why can "slope" only be "1,2,3...9,0"??? :confused:
  4. HallsofIvy

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    The slope of a straight line can be any real number.
  5. Who says that [itex]0 \le tan \enspace \alpha \le 1 [/tex] ?

    That's only true for [itex]0^\circ \le \alpha \le 45 ^\circ [/tex]

    Try these on your calculator (in degree mode):
    TAN 85
    TAN 100
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    It seems that the OP is confused about many things. It's hard to even know where to start with this one. :eek:
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