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SLOVED everything theroy

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    SLOVED "everything theroy"

    Wave Length - Gravity - Light - mass - Wave Lengths.( THEY ARE ALL INTERCHANGEABLE )"
    Constant acceleration of wave lengths = Gravity - Light - mass - energy - another Wave Lenth = the Quantium Unviverse. The laser test threw the two slits and into one shows two lines
    two unseen reactions and two seen reactions the opposite of the two create the other line black red black red. black light from the sun light reflects off each other giving us light. Its because of the number of times the light is split. if you put mirrors in portions of the box you should be able two find the unseen. action upon magnetism effects gravity which effects wave lengths
    which effects light which effects matter. Think of a gyro hyper space the movie contact
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    Huh? [?]
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    What is this "SLOVED" you speak of?
    How old are you?
    What is your level of education?
    More importantly, if this is a new Unified Field "Theory", why are you telling it to us?

    Answer these quetions, then somebody may take you seriously. ::glares::
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    I think he was trying to spell solved.
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    actually i think if you just put some crystals around your neck and wear a megnetic bracelet
    you will understand his statement completely. also, it may help if you read the Celestene Prophecy. and never, ever listen to what people smarter than you say. they are only aliens trying to distract you from the truth. power on, oh brother of the light.
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    I already sloved that porblem a long time ago.

    - Warren
  8. Feb 27, 2004 #7
    Me too, did you also buy one of those $5000 "ALfoil" hats on eBay? Not only did the aliens leave me alone, but I stopped received radio broadcasts directly to my brain :(
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