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Slow motion Imagination Of H-H Bonding

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    Applying a little hippie to chemistry, suppose there are two H (hydrogen) atoms that are at a distance apart that each of their one electrons are very, very weakly attracted to each other. Now suppose that the process of the formation of the covalent bond, which is instantaneous, were slowed down so that you could see in slow motion what the atoms actually look like through the process. I believe that the untestable, intuitive side of the spectrum 'drawn beyond the lines of reason' can give us some insight here as to what's happening. (I am unaware of the exact mechanisms that take place and can so only envision)

    Here is what I think. I see it as I know what the 1s orbital looks like (a simple sphere), the electrons are following the uncertainty probability (being in the region they're most likely to be found), and as they slowly draw themselves together, I see the electrons spin in whichever way they come together with the lowest amount of energy without crashing, (like, if one of the electrons is close to the proton of the other H atom, the other one does a near 360 around it so the electrons do not repulse themselves), so as the electron swings itself around, both electrons are equally repulsed by each other but the kinetic energy propels them further towards the positively charged nucleus, until this also creates a repulsion and there's an oscillation back and fourth until the molecule finds a equilibrium with itself, which is known to be at the lowest state of potential energy, and the atom being stable, still vibrating.

    That's how I'm seeing the easiest atom to visualize coming together invisibly and instantly.

    I pose you two questions.

    How do you think this bond would occur?

    What methods can you use psychologically to statically analyze if your intuition is deluding you? How would you execute these methods?
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