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Slow PF

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    Is anyone else experiencing PF being very slow? I am using Chrome and then tried browsing on IE but the problem is persisting. It just takes a very unusual amount of time to load threads, sign in (I had to press the link which directs you to the main page if the browser does not automatically redirect you - I have never had to do this before) and when posting threads.

    In browsing on other sites, there does not seem to be any problem.

    (And apologies for the double posting, this I never done before either! A result of the slowness I am experiencing - I decided to press back and try again, but after a while it latched on and posted two copies).
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    No problems here.
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    Runs fine here.
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    We load several external services. It's not uncommon that they experience a hangup here and there. It doesn't last long. Usually the next reload it's back. Are you still experiencing slow loading? Do you see anything at the bottom left that says "waiting for..." or "connection to..."?
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    No problems here today.
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