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Slow, stupid computer/printer face

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    Slow, stupid computer/printer face!!!!

    So I has a question to AXE. I swear, whenever I try to print a .pdf file that opens in firefox, it takes FOREVER. The printers are on a wireless network but I swear to all that is holy and good that it takes like 5-10 minutes to print. Oh and that's not time between it starts and finishes, that's the time that the computer is basically frozen and out of commission because firefox hangs on the progress bar of the printing job. Once its finished, the printer immediately prints it.

    Oh I said I have a question.... well, WHAT THE HELL???


    Seriously, what in the world causes this? Why is, I assume, my computer taking 3x10^384 calculations and 300TB of memory to print my 7 page document? DO I NEED TO SLAP SOMEONE?
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    Re: Slow, stupid computer/printer face!!!!

    I'm not sure why it happens, but it might be something to do with the pdf plugin on firefox. I've noticed on firefox and IE that it's actually quicker to download a pdf and then display it in adobe acrobat than to try and open it in the browser itself. There may be some sort of translation process, but then again, this was for pdf's in the 2MB and larger range. The translation process probably has to happen again to send the pdf from firefox into "printer format".
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    Re: Slow, stupid computer/printer face!!!!

    have you tried rebooting? ;-)

    seriously though, that was a very funny rant and brightened up my lunchtime considerably
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    Re: Slow, stupid computer/printer face!!!!

    At school we were always told never to print from explorer pages because it clogs up the system, but never given a reason. If you download the file and print it from the reader, do you get much faster results?

    You know when you scroll down, the page still loads on Firefox? That implies that when you print there may be some sort of back-and-forth communication between your printer driver and the actual web page as the information is not fully downloaded before it is sent to be printed...
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    Re: Slow, stupid computer/printer face!!!!

    Download and open in Adobe Acrobat or Reader (whichever you have) and print from that.
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