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Slow Worker

  1. Aug 12, 2014 #1
    Hello all,

    I am currently a senior in high school and hoping to major in physics. I will be taking AP Physics and AP Calculus AB. However, this question is mainly for college.

    Unfortunately, I have ADD and OCD. The biggest problem that I have is I process information very slowly. I am currently be treated for these issues and I have an IEP and accommodation for extra time on tests; however, this is for high school. I am concerned about college. I'm worried that because I am not a fast worker, I will suffer from incomplete assignments and bad grades. I always start my assignments right after school.

    I will be attending a liberal arts college because I will obviously need some attention. I will probably have accommodations, but I don't think I will always be able to rely on my accommodations. Is there anyone willing to give me some advice? Perhaps some suggestions for certain study techniques?

    Thank you.
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  3. Aug 13, 2014 #2
    What's so special about liberal arts colleges? I think that most public universities will accomodate to your disability.
  4. Aug 13, 2014 #3
    With liberal arts colleges, you have a guarantee of knowing your professors. I already know the professors at the college I want to attend. I just prefer smaller classes.
  5. Aug 13, 2014 #4
    It's hard to say. If the ultimate goal would be going for a theoretical physics PhD it might be rough if you don't find a way to absorb material more quickly. There is a breathtaking amount of material to absorb and every few years there is even yet more due to the latest research.

    Some of the science and math classes progress at a pretty speedy rate at some colleges and universities. OTOH, in some cases, it really depends though, they may have more take home tests and those tend to work out better for those who lose a bit of concentration or who get flustered by timed tests. I've noticed that some of the people who do really well on the in class tests actually struggle more on really in depth take home tests than some who tend to do with on the in class tests. Or really more it's that some who totally ace the take home tests that some others struggle with and can do that sort of work very well, sometimes do a bit worse in the class stuff where the stress of the clock makes their mind freeze up a bit and raw memorization and recall under pressure matter a bit more.

    If you are exceptionally slow at being able to get yourself to work through homework it might be a bit rough at the top 150 type schools.

    It's hard to say without knowing your exact details and exactly what you handle well and what you don't. It sounds like you are getting through and understanding AP stuff so far at least, which sounds hopeful.
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