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Slowing/stopping plant growth

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    I have this headge of a few shurbs/tress growing around my home. However this headge is now infringing on my view over a beautiful hillside and I dont want to remove them because they really compliment the surrounding area. I can't cut them because they are reasonably tall and grow on a slope - making it very difficult for me to cut them back without spending a lot of money on professional gardeners to come in.

    My question is; Is there a way to slow down the growth of the plants or completly stop them by adding some form of chemical on them?
    I have heard of something similar for grass but I am not sure what it would be called, where I could buy it or if I could make it myself.

    All help is appreciated :)
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    I know that you are probably well-intentioned in this matter. But in my opinion you shouldn't dabble with chemicals in that way, it destroys the surroundings and can have very unforseen consequences.

    I think you should take a picture of the hedges and maybe we can devise a way to cut them down without taking them out completely. Probably you can buy a very long hedge trimmer to trim them.
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    I agree, especially if they are on a slope and any chemical could run downhill to affect the plant below them. I don't know of anything that would work particularly well anyway, short of an herbicide to completely kill the plant off (and that would even be tough on a well-established hedge).

    You should be able to get some sort of trimmer on a pole, such as are used to reach tree branches. You can prune back hedges pretty severely without killing them too, so you really don't need to be all that careful about what you're trimming on them.
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    yeah, you guys are probably right

    i'll have to look into some other alternative. Perhaps a gardening warehouse will have a decent suggestion on one of these long reach trimmers

    thanks for your time!
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    you must tell us about what happened to your hedges ^^
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