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Slushy Magic

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    Last week I went to my state's fair and one of my favorite places is the expo center. It's shop full of "made for tv" products. I've always been suspicious of the products being presented, but for the first time I witnessed a booth getting busted! I forget the exact name of the product, something like "Magic Smoothie", but it was being sold as an easy way to make a smoothie. Essentially they were just selling cube sized packets that you throw in the freezer. The packets contained a solution that was mostly salt water. For anyone with a high school chemistry education the problem becomes immediately clear. The vast majority of home freezers can't freeze salt water. However their demonstrations worked! While I was there an older lady stormed the demonstration and demanded a refund claiming the product didn't work. The man on stage basically just told her she did it wrong. After a few minutes of arguing the demonstrators wife let slip that the freezer they use on stage is medical grade. After that slip the demonstrator got very heated and basically told the lady to get lost, in front of everyone lol. We left as well, but came back 30min later and a new crowd was around and stupidly captivated. Like they never lost a step.

    The website is buyslushymagic.com
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    Simon Bridge

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    Re: State Fair Expo Scams

    Oh yeah - anything involving a "balance test" :)
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    Re: State Fair Expo Scams

    Salt water smoothy? Doesn't sound like it tastes good anyway :tongue:
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    Re: State Fair Expo Scams

    I forgot to mention you fill a glass up with juice, drop a few packets in (they stay sealed) and then the juice becomes a slush :)
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    Re: State Fair Expo Scams

    My dad pointed out a couple of "energy saving or generating" ones at a show.

    Basically their "ultra efficient" wind turbine for the top of your house roof wouldn't even power a couple of light bulbs at full capacity and would have taken approximately 300 years to pay for itself.
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