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Small Electric Motor question

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    I want to convert 5 electric blinds from battery to an ac/dc wall transformer. Each blind operates with 8 AA batteries and the motors are rated at 0.6 amp and 7.2 watt. When you hit the up or down button on the remote, all 5 motors operate at once. I want to run them off of one transformer and will wire the motors in series. I know I need a 12 volt transformer (8 1.5 volt AA batteries). My question is amperage. If each motor is 0.6 A, do I need a 3.0 A transformer?
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    12V 3A is correct if they are wired in parallel. In series, they would require 60V at 0.6A.
    But I would wire them in parallel rather than series. They will still not be synchronised, but will be more likely to move together at the same rate.
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    You appear to need 12 DC. The batteries are also used to power the control circuitry, so you might want to be careful not to go over voltage. If this is not a problem you could use a 9 volt transformer working into a full wave bridge rectifier/filter.
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