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News Small example of American propaganda in the works

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    Do I understand that the militaray has stock quotes that are judiciously released and complete fabrications?
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    The impression I got was just that they changed one word from the quote in a later release, not that the quote was fabricated. 'ISF' was changed to 'children.'
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    Their story of a draft being released smelled of cover up to me.
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    As I understand it there were two separate incidents, 1 on July 13th and 1 last Sunday. In both cases the military claimed an 'unidentified Iraqi civilian' said
    to tailor the quote to fit the different circumstances the word children was changed to ISF.
    The inference being that the military fabricated quotes from fictitious anonymous Iraqis in an attempt to lay claim to support from the Iraqi people in the 'war against terror'
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    note: I dont mean to make this a bash america for the hell of it thread, though i know the title suggests that.

    If you have verifable examples of modern propaganda in places you live post them up, it could be interesting.
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    Well, I live in America and I have some examples. Did you discuss "fake news" last year? It was a NYTimes story, and grassroots action helped make the situation marginally better.

    Shall I give more detail or have you "been there done that?"
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    If that non-story is the biggest scandal CNN can muster, then I'd conclude the US military tells
    the truth more often than not.
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    I'd be interested in reading more about his, pattylou.
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    During war The Military always spread propagander, its not a new phenomina!
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    The military is structured so that it will only release news items that the pentagon wants to hear. It has been going on for a long time. The Vietnam era was no exception, except that in Vietnam we had a lot of Genuine news media people with the troops, who did get the truth out.

    The current administartion does not allow that to happen in Iraq. Even to the point that they use bogus reporters to ask questions at presidential news conferences.

    Can you say: Grave and gathering danger? The whole facade is about oil. As another poster put it: If the only natural resource in Iraq was broccoli do you really think we would be there.

    http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/iraq.html [Broken]

    Every detail released about Iraq is being micromanaged by Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove.
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    cnn didn't mention anything about propaganda, it was an inference I'd made.

    And CNN is nearly as bad as FOX these days with their catering to the lowest common denominator and their "patriotism" (partisanship)

    Patty -

    Are you talking about the "ready made news" segments? If so what is this grassroots stuff you're talking about? I didnt hear about that.

    Anttech - Of course we know its not new, but to me at least its still interesting to observe how the government continues to subvert the public - their methods, etc.
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    Yes --- the ready made news.

    This was the NYT article with which MoveON or PEN (I forget which) mobilised many of us:


    The FCC issued guidelines partly in response to the deluge of emails that they received as a result. Stations are still allowed to broadcast fake news as segments in their "news" hour, but are required to identify it in some way, as a prepackaged segment. Read here:

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A51375-2005Apr13? language=printer

    The reason for thinking that grassroots helped, was from the first sentience in the FCC report here:

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    Why look at it in this sort of relative light?? By analogy.... If the London police only kill one person wrongfully in the subway, then I'd conclude that law enforcement in the UK is not killing people wrongfully more often not. ??? Should this be the defense??

    And why on Earth would propaganda being "new" or not, have anything to do with it?

    I have high expectations of the military, of the media, of my coutrymen, of myself..... Of the President....

    And these lame excuses for allowing propaganda are pathetic. It's wrong.
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    That's ok, I'm sure you would've regardless.
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    They say the best lies always have an element of truth.

    Look at Iraq ... Saddam WAS the President. You can't fault them on that one! o:)
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    It's a sad reflection on how people's expectation of standards in gov't has fallen to the extent that even when the Bush admin is caught red-handed with their pants down there is barely a murmer of discontent.

    One wonders if this is the vision of America the founding fathers held when they drafted the Bill of Rights supposedly so cherished by republicans.

    I suspect many of the original contributors to the document on which America was founded must be turning in their graves at this time. :mad:
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    What the hell does the Bush administration have to do with this?!? This was a US military-sourced story. Or two. Well, one and a bit.
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    Art was referring to the pre-packaged news reported in March, not to the CNN story in the original post.

    The pre-packaged news is all pro-administration propaganda.
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    Oops. Butt out, El Hombre.
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