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Small Ionosphere Idea

  1. Sep 21, 2013 #1
    I have no way to test an idea that I have been thinking about, but would like some one to test it. To keep it simple all you would need to do is take a piece of nickle and shock it with electricity. This would need to be done in a place that has a way to test if there is an Ionosphere.

    This is why I believe this will work. Our own planet has an Ionosphere that is caused by liquid nickle at the middle of our core. This nickle moves around causing magnetic flow. In order to simulate this you could take solid nickle, and then electrocute it. My hope is that it will cause the nickle to form magnetic lines where the electricity flows though the nickle.

    Creating a small Ionosphere would be great for those going into space. It could protect them against the gamma radiation from the sun.

    Can some one please test this, and let me know what the results are.
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    You can generate a magnetic field if you let a current flow through a conductor (like nickel, but every metal is possible). That is nothing you need to test. A magnetic field in space will influence solar wind and cosmic rays - again, nothing new. On the scale of our earth, this leads to the ionosphere. A spacecraft cannot generate a magnetic field as large as earth, so its field would have to be much more intense to do the same. This has been proposed for interplanetary journeys (and it has a wikipedia article), but it will likely need way too much power to be reasonable.

    That has nothing to do with the mechanism our earth generates its magnetic field, however.

    Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation, they are not influenced by electromagnetic fields (at least not in ways relevant for space travel).

    I'm not sure about the right forum for this thread.
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