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Small or Large Undergrad Uni?

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    I have the opportunity to go to a small or large University [for physics] here in Canada. The smaller one gives a lot more student-teacher interaction and almost a certain research spot during the summer [some of the kids here have 5 papers accepted already]. The larger one has almost three times the professors in the physics department and gives larger exposure to different fields, also the city is much nicer :). Do you think I should jump on the idea to get to do research and even be a T.A. at the undergrad level at the smaller university?

    I think I had a few more points for the larger University, but I can't remember them right now.

    [In case anyone was interested: there's actually two smaller universities, Mount A and StFX ranked 1st and 2nd respectively in Canada for undergrad. Dal is the larger one.]
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    its really a matter of choice. the smaller university sounds like a great place to get a head start in physics. but the larger university will probably have more people, you'll probably make more friends, but the physics department is probably larger and its harder to get that research position.

    try the one you really want to try first, and if you dont like it, you can always transfer out.

    however, i will reiterate, the almost certain research position sounds awesome!

    keep us updated
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    depends on how you learn. With a smaller campus, the student ratio is good, but are teh research opportunities/independent study projects more available. Are you a self learner or do you like the student teacher learning style. How much do those teachers publish at StFX and what quality is there research? and are the course opportunities there(didn't realize this one till i graduated). Mac didn't offer alot of good AI/ALife/ Graphics courses when i was there and it really pissed me off cuz after 3rd year it was like....and it all went down hill.
    So research the courses you want to take and see if their there ,or arrange with a professor to have them be made if that option is there.
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    Thanks for your input
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