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Small Pressure Chamber for cell culture

  1. Oct 13, 2012 #1
    Hello! I am a newcomer
    I plan to culture cells in a small pressurized chamber. Please take a look at the picture attached
    My design:
    -pump gas into the chamber and close the valve afterwards
    -the pressure meter will keep track of the pressure and ensure that there is no leakage
    -the chamber has to be transparent and bio-compatible (eg. PDMS)
    -it should consist of 2 pieces: cover and base. After putting the cells in, it will be sealed
    -it is to be put under microscope for live cell imaging

    the shape would be cylindrical, with height <3cm and radius <5cm
    I want to apply a pressure of 100-500kPa. Is that possible using PDMS as the material?
    If not, please suggest a suitable material.

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