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Homework Help: Small Question on What Points the Equation has Solutions for y in terms of x,z.

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    Hi this is the question, I already finished it basically, there is just one small thing I am unsure about


    So I let that equation be F, and I found Fy, it is Zeyz-x2z/y...so I know this equation can't equal zero if I want there to be a solution for y in terms of x and z, my question is what I do about the x2z/y term....is y allowed to equal 0? If that is the case then the equation can equal negative infinity, I'm not sure if this is legal or not, when I think about a system of equations and it's relation to the determinant, it doesn't really make sense for it to be equal to infinity....but if this is legal, I'm assuming x2z/y can't equal 0/0 because then it is in indeterminate form...

    So can y=0?

    Thanks :)
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